The Downriiver Alano Club is a non-profit group that was formed in 1974.  Our primary goal is to aid and support the recovery the alcoholic, addict, and their families.
While we are not affiliated with any specific 12 step group, however, we do try to follow the traditions of the 12 steps.

Originally the club was founded by several like-minded members of AA in 1974, and was located on Fort Street in Lincoln Park.  Property was later purchased through member donations and the club was moved to its current locatino at 2060 Council in 1985. Through 40 years of economical ups and downs, our doors have remained open to anyone wishing to refrain from the use of drugs and alcohol.

The Downriver Alano Club was originally incorporated as a 501(c)4 non-profit.  We are currently in the process of attaining our 501(c)3, which more accurately reflects our views, and plans for the future.  This charitable status will also enable us to expand our outreach program and better help those who are new to the recovery process.

More than Just Meetings

There is more to addiction recovery than just going to meetings.

  •  We offer space to rent at very reasonable rates for public events such as fundraisers, or private events such as birthday parties, showers, life celebrations and more.
  • We host events throughout the year for a wide range of interests, such as holiday parties, camping trips, bowling events, community outreach and more.
  • Some of us spend time each day, just visiting, and sharing our life experiences.
  • We celebrate, we mourn, we laugh, and we cry

Many of these are things that we did not do in our active addiction.  It can sometimes feel hard to relate to others in our lives, but here we find people who have gone through many of the things we have.  They understand the bad choices we have made, and can appreciate the strides we are taking to improve our lives, and to make ammends to those we have harmed.

  • You will find people of all ages and  walks of life, going through many of the same experiences.
  • Any member who meets requirements can run for office and help steer us.
  • Yearly membership meetings give everyone equal voice.

  • We are here to support those in recovery  find a better way to live.
  • You do not have to be a member of any 12 step group to be a member of the club.
  • Support without judgement.
  • .
  • Join the activities committee to help plan and host events.
  • Join the newsletter staff to help spread the news and activities.
  • Join the outreach committee to get the word out.
  • Join the Chairman's committee to help with upkeep of grounds and building.